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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weight loss Diet Plan for Gujarati People

Gujarati people always prefer to eat fried food and as a result, they add unwanted fat in the body.  I will try to convey all my Gujarati guys, how to reduce fat with gujarati diet food for weight loss by following Navi Bhojan Pranali. AND not to forget exercise as Gujarati's are not awake more...

After getting advice from the dietitian, follow the two-week  gujarati diet plan weight loss. It is the most suitable plan to reduce your weight within a two-week time. You are advised not to feel much stress, just follow the Weight loss Diet Plan for Gujarati People strictly. It is advisable to take suggestions because the diet plan always prefers on the general health condition of the person. It varies from person to person.

Morning tea/coffee: 7. I am
Drink green tea instead of tea with milk.
Walk 1-2 km or do in-house exercise.
Breakfast at 9.30 am
Start with a small size plate. Prefer Salad of your choice and one cup cereal bowl with glass milk.   In case, you feel more hungry get an extra salad. Eat your breakfast with protein and fiber both can satisfy you.
Launch at 1.30 pm
Eat two roti without ghee and one cup of deal and rice.
Small Breakfast at 4.00 pm

Eat one or two marry gold biscuits with tea with some protein diet like channa.
Dinner at 8.00 pm
Prefer to skip dinner otherwise eat one banana or take some light food like Bajra khichdi as suggested gujarati diet plan weight losby the Tarla Dalal Gujarati recipes website.
Go for a walk

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