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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Seven Days tips to fast weightloss

Day 1 Shedule:

Start your day with fruits. Please make sure that eat soup and water don't eat a banana.

Day 2 Shedule:

Second day start with only vegetables just eats fresh vegetables either in cooked or raw foods .  You can eat  baked potato and butter.

Day 3 Shedule:

This day starts with only fruit and vegetables. Don't take potato or dinner.

Day 4 Shedule:

This time you start with some heavy food like eight Bananas and Milk. Drink skimmed milk only.

Day 5 Shedule:

If you are non-vegetarian, start your day with some beef and tomato.

Day 6 Shedule:

Start with Beef and Vegetables. Don't eat potatoes.

Day 7 Shedule:

Start with brown rice,  fruit juices and vegetables

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

5 Tips for Quick Weight loss

5 Tips for Quick Weight loss

1. Eat Whole grain like oatmeal and brown rice
2. Raw Fruits with Vitamin C  and Calcium are good
3. Drink green leaf tea (normally 4 to 6 pound) per week
4. Excercise 15 minutes regularly
5. Follow dietician guidelines for Quick Weight loss

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Six Facts of Weight loss

1. Aoid diet plan for weight loss
2. Do'nt do fasting
2. Don't follow  health experts with less expertise
5. Avoid heavy dinner, launch take Breakfast frequently
6. Eat Fiber food

Tomato Soup for mounsoon Season

Tomato Soup 


4 cups sliced tomatoes
1 onion
4 cloves


Blend it for 20 mins in mixture put it in  bowl
Use 2 tbsp butter/ghee on gas stove to heat. Add 2 tbsp  flour to make a mixture cook  till it gets brown in colour. Add  sugar and salt as you like. Now it gets ready for serve.