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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Buy Best design & commercial gym equipments

Buy Best design & commercial gym equipments

Healthconscious people are always try to obey two rules. First one is Diet Food and Second on  exercises to maintain the fitness.

Today we have to discuss about the selection of best design & commercial gym equipments online. As per normal practice, every one think of trad mill or aerobic cycle  or other fitness equipments but you shoud be more consious to select fitness equipments for your home depending on the several factors like suitable design, equipment should be capable enough to carry load and also flexible enought for the movements.

Many people buy heavy excercise equipments and faces health problem. It is necessary that excercise shoud make effective through body tissue level.

In short, depending on your fitness, the health instructor can advise you to select suitable excercise equipments online.

Which can strengthen your body structures and stimulate the tissue of bone.

In the beginning go to any Gym and take training with instructor so that you can get idea about which type of equipment is more suitable for your body.

Danni Allen lost 121 pounds also won $250,000

Danni Allen lost 121 pounds also won $250,000

Its a story of biggest losser in weight but biggest winner of $250,000 in  NBC's weight-loss show
The Wheeling woman won $250,000 on "The Biggest Loser" by an oh-so-thin margin of 1 pound during the live finale Monday of NBC's weight-loss show.

It is a success story for Danni Allen with 258 pounds weight.She has been with hollywood film  industry and it is necessary for her to maintain weight for her carrier.

The stiking movement was when her film carrer start down turn, she was  258 pounds weight. But when she pave the weifht for "Biggest Loser" show, she is  137 pounds. WOW!!!

SHE is proved he theme song  'This Girl Is on Fire' REALLY CONGRETS & SALUTE HER.


Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes heights is around  5'7" to 5'8". Now, she is decided to lose around 20 pounds from 120 poubnd to 100 pound . According to BMI calculator it is her height and weights are in the normal range of  18.8 BMI but her goal is to reduce weight  to 100 lbs. Now current BMI would be 15.7, which is consider to be underweight. As I am not sugesting her to reduce weight just maintain weight to normal range of BMI.

Amanda Bynes is in NY after leaving LA for acting. I am fan of Amanda Bynes,  I hope she could not take much stress on he and maintain healthy weight not getting obesy. Weight loss should not be the target for her. Take care...Eat healthy foods and getting healthy and happy...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rice Bran Oil

 Rice Bran Oil  has suitable fats and a high smoke in Indian cooking. So It is just like using Olive Oil. According to famous dietician, it is best to use rice Bran Oil for law fat to control your cholesterol level and it also keep you healthy. In India Fortune Rice Bean oil is very famous now.