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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Weight loss Over-the-counter pills: Is it Advisable?

As such there is no quick fix for getting results in weight loss but many people keep trying to get thin with different weight loss plan. Some people gets result but not for longer time. Weight loss pills are one of the same technique for weight loss. The question is it safe to purchase from over the counter (OTC)?
Weight loss pills are non-prescription drugs. There are many good results of reduce weight but it should be taken under proper guidance. What is missing is it needs proper clinical research to gets authenticity in the market. I thing OTC weight loss pills manufacturer should go with the FDA rout to know the side effect of the drugs and put weight loss pills as prescribe drugs.
Safety of the drug is more important for users. Manufacturer of weight loss pills must go for FDA approval rout to gets reliability of drugs and users security too.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Genetic diet for weight loss

Recently University of Texas, Austin has carried out studies  on weight loss came into conclusion that genetic related diet can reduce weight. If you includes genome diet or called DNA diet with your weight loss plan than you can get best result.
According to Molly Bray, a geneticist and professor of nutritional sciences, University of Texas at Austin said “I think within five years, we’ll see people start to use a combination of genetic, behavioral and other sophisticated data to develop individualized weight-management plans,”

Recent study help to get genome diet By 2020 to reduce weight.

Cognitive behavioral therapy for weight loss

There are many traditional therapy by using food to reduce weight. Similarly many researches have been carried out using human behavior to manage appetite. In USA Psychologists using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) for Weight Management to slim down using behavior therapy.

What is Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)?
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a self assessment plan for weight loss. CBT includes monitoring over food intake, exercise jointly with some drugs in case requires.  It is most popular among obese children, adults and old age people. CBT therapy also emphasizes on change in life style and habits of children and adults, it includes increasing physical activity and playing outdoor games. CBT therapist also advises to reduce viewing television and playing games on mobile habits.

Many people in world are facing problem of Eating disorders and change in lifestyle resulting into obesity. It is harmful for children, as you must be aware, China has studied about the child obesity found that most of the children watching television and eating fast food and snakes.

Physiologist has carried out several studies on CBT over adult and children gets good results. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

weight loss programs: Medi weightloss

I heard much about the medi weight loss from my friend. He has benefited much from the weight loss programs. Several preventive measures has taken during medi weight loss program as per program schedule,

  1. Screening for and management of obesity and metabolic syndrome (adults & adolescents age 12-18)
  1. Medical nutrition therapy/counseling for healthy diet
  1. Behavioral counseling
  1. Fitness recommendations
  1. Cholesterol screening
  1. Screening for Type 2 diabetes
  1. Screening for high blood pressure

Under the program it is beneficial because it is not simply weight loss program but it will change the life style of person who gets enroll in the medi weight loss clinic.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ear accupuncture for weight loss

In 1956 Dr. Paul Nogier from France had identified the accupuncture points in the ears. When he registered a man who had a backache can cured when his ear gets burned.

Hunger points along with five other points applied to the patient to reduce weight. There are several studies conducted on different points to see the results. Result gets varies on men and women. Hunger point in the ear is most effective.

If you want treatment for weight loss pls contact accupuncture practitioner. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Home remedies for weight loss

Drink luck Warm water one or two times a day can reduce your weight in two months time.

Use honey and lemon with warm water in the morning for getting best result

Medohar gugal is effective for weight loss

Cinnamon powder (taj powder in gujarati) with honey can reduce weight but make sure that it suits to your body.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

5 ways to weight loss fast

Jack is always worried about the overweight but he does not wanted to change his life style. 
He has been gaining weight 2 pound every month.
 One day his friend calls him for New Year party but he was tried to avoid it, when his best friend came to convincing him he finally got ready. The reason behind his constant denied was due to his overweight. He was ashamed with his body structure as compared to his friends.

During the party hours he was introduced by known dietitian trained in LA  weight loss clinic.  My friend told him to spare some time for me to get advice.

First he asks me my life style and food consumption pattern. He gave me 10 tips for weight loss fast,

l. Changes in food consumption like skip heavy diet and instead eat low calorie diet in a week.
2. If you are frequent visitor of restaurants or habituated with party life, avoid eating heavy junk diet to reduce your calorie intake which has resulting into fast weight loss.
3. Avoid salty snacks corn, potato wafers and sugar drinks. Cut in salt consumption resulting into loss weight fast.
4. Select exercises’ from the fitness expert based on your calorie intake so that you can burn enough calories per day to weight loss quickly.

5. Choose friends or neighbor to walk with you in the garden or walking track. It can enhance your metabolism.