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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Colour Therapy for Weight loss

Colour therapy is also called as chromotherapy. Colour reflects the mood and energy level of individuals. It is a kind of form of healing the body and, mind. In realism, colour therapy is an alternative therapy that vastly utilises colour and light for thutilisesic application. It balances the 7 energy centers of the body.

Colors have been used for hundred of years to cure a number of physical and mental problems. It is also known as chromotherapy. The principal of chromotherapy, colours are played a key role as activators or inhibitors of biological, physiological and biochemical activity in your brain, such as the process of hormones.

Color therapy is a kind of healing process to treat the body of un- healthy person. Colors affect the pituitary gland, which effect the metabolism. There are variations in the results in the colour therapy are anecdotic so some time colour therapy is very much useful in one person many not be a guarantee to get success in another person.

Blue colour

Colour therapy is also useful for weight loss, colour therapist suggests blue colour to control appetite. Blue colour is known as most effective appetite control. If possible change your home ambiance and apparatus in light blue colour so that blue colour help you for weight loss.

Black colour

Similarly black colour is also play a similar role as blue. For the heavyweight people, use green, violet colour in your dining room or bed- room.

Red colour

Red is an effective colour for weight loss. If you can practices this colour for every ten minutes then it increase your appetite. You can also use red tint colour glass to practice the same.

Yellow colour

Have you seen many people using sunglasses with yellow colour help you to keep yourself healthy and it also an increase the productivity of the organs.

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