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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Phycology and Weight loss

In day to day life, we observed that people were getting overweight after trying hard with various diet plans and exercise, but sometime they are not getting favorable results. The obvious question arises why people did not get the results.

Why this happened?

It is proved that their lifestyles and mental status are the two factors responsible for weight gain.

Does Psychiatrist can help you to manage weight?

Yes, phycology can help you out from your problem. Psychologist can check your case history and related issues, your present stress at office and social connections. Psychologists also set goal for getting ideal weight in the certain period.

Psychologist watch to your daily habits such as intake of food, body structure can help you to lose weight. Apart from that they watched your behavior, mental feelings, stress level and habits. Many times they  want to know your social taboos or belief too.

People are suffering from depression, eating disorder and increase in stress level resulting into overweight.

At the end,  physiologist has a clear picture of your body, mind and lifestyle to give balancing life.  If you have tried hard for weight loss many times and did not get results, it is advisable to consult physiologist to reduce weight.

Phycology behind Weight loss