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Friday, January 1, 2016

South Indian Diet Plan

In India, diet varies from state to state, North Eastern Diet is different than North States Diet, and, similarly, South Indian Diet plan is different than the Gujarat Diet. Here we want to discuss how much calories necessary for South Indian Diet to reduce weight.

As we are aware South Indian dishes like Dhosha, Uttapam and Idli are known for consuming oil, potatoes and spices. As such South Indian is very healthy as compared to Gujarati people because they are more using coconut oil in the Kitchen. If you see Sun TV and see the movies, all actors and actresses are very fat. It is advisable not to quite south Indian food but follow this unique tips for weight loss.

Start your day with luck warm water with lemon in the early morning. Eat some fruits (one bowl) and some dry fruits mainly almonds. Fruits contain vitamin C which provides immunity and energy while almonds are a good source of protein and antioxidant with essential fats to control the cholesterol.

Breakfast – (Around 250-300 calories diet)

Consume 2 – 3 Idli – with or without Sāmbhar (1 bowl) with Chutney -or you can eat uttapam.

Lunch (Around 500-650 Calories)

Start your lunch with Salad, One bowl brown rice with sambhar, 2 or 3 Chapattis along and curd or butter-milk.

Drink coffee or tea without Sugar

Dinner – (300-350 Calories)
Every one like dinner but avoid more food in dinner, Eat salad, 2-3 Chapatti, sambhar or one Omelet,  

Before go to bed drink one glass of skimmed milk, it is rich in calcium and milk proteins.

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