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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Winter Season

Now winter season starts in India. It is considered to be a good time to consume food. Evey home prepared traditional diet specially design for a winter season.
In Gujarat Adadia pak, Badam Pak and Methi are the normal  traditional for consuming foods in every winter.

People also love to eat fresh vegetables like Spinach (in Gujarati Palak), Fenugreek(in Gujarati Methi), Amaranthus Tricolor (in Gujarati it is called as tandaljo) are the available fresh plants as winter food.

Apart from that it is advisable to eat salad of fresh vegetables like tomatos, lauki, Mulika patta and many more fresh vegetables.

You can also prepare a recipe or make a fresh juice of fruits and vegetables. In this season do not forget to eat dry fruits.

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