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Sunday, March 29, 2015

hCG diet plan and Weight loss a successful weight loss method!

hCG diet plan is different from the other  normal plan.
questioned me? What is the hCG plan all about? So I can put a brief guideline and pros and cons of hCG diet plant.
hCG diet plan is a low-calorie diet plan where your needs to take around 500 calorie diet per day with hCG drops or injection as suggested by your hCG clinic expert. Kindly note that hCG is not allowed for over-the-counter sale, it should be taken under the strict Doctor supervision.
After gone through some glimpses… let us know what is different between normal diet plan and hCG diet plan?
In a normal diet plan, we need to follow the weight loss diet plan based on your BMI index. Your dietician gives you proper chart suitable for your body. While, in the hCG diet plan, you have been too strict to 500 calories diet with hCG injections or drops as suggested by you hCG clinic Doctor.
What is hCG injection or drop? Does it work? Is there any side effects?
hCG is hormonal treatment allow you to burn access fat and reduce your appetite. However, British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology published a report showed there is no direct relation between hCG and Weight loss.
In UK and USA FDA has banned for using such as cHG for weight loss. HCG is approved by FDA as a prescription drug for the treatment of female infertility and other medical conditions. It is not approved for weight loss.

hCG Diet Plan

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Why Middle Aged Persons Are Overweight?

Indian food is full of sugar and fat, so it is difficult for any Indian to keep off food without sugar and fat until an individual can follow strict diet guidelines. We see many celebrities like Rekha. Malaika Arora Khan has successfully maintained their weight with properly follow-up of diet plan and regular exercise as well as yoga.  I have seen many Gujarati Girls, and boys are very much conscious of the weight, and they are ideal for others too.

You can see that average Middle-Aged people  and even kids are going healthy beyond their Body Mass Index. It is not applied for all, but you can see five out of three women between an age group of 40-50 are going fat. Despite exercise and attending yoga, if we talk about maintenance of body weight or longer period, final results get ZERO after a certain period. 

Why this has happened??

The ideal reasons are here:

  • Lifestyle of people
  • Food habits(Spicy and Carb rich food)
  • Eat more Sugar and Salty (Nasta)
  • Social Function (Rituals leads to eat something Sweet)
  • Select Calorie Conscious Food

You can make fewer calorie snakes likes Brown Rice, Beans, Upma, Rava Dhosa minimum oil and eats lots of roasted food and vegetables in your diet. You just select the item and prepare a perfect Indian diet plan for the week and follow it. First, you need to check your metabolic  rate for that find your basal metabolic rate so that it is easy to determine to use the energy.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Make Your (Mind) Hypothalamus Healthy for Weight Loss

It seems to be regular practices for the dietician and individual who are more conscious over their weight. Science has a different story to tell about the healthy living by keeping your metabolism under control.

The British Journal of Nutrition published study in February, 2013; Scientists from Liverpool University have studied in the theory of hypothalamic damage due to various reasons resulting into changes in metabolism.

Many times it happens that people tried hard but can't get succeeded due to damage of hypothalamic glands.

Eating fat rich food resulting into damage of hypothalamic glands. Event diet with carbohydrates and high saturated fat can also disturb the metabolic function.

Even Rice and Sugar can damage the hypothalamus gland. As a result, people often get a message from brain to eat something as they are hungry...after take a full meals.

In Gujarati such as condition is called "Khoti Bhukh."  For healthy mind or hypothalamus, glands eat omega-3 fatty acid acid or fish oil for nourishment of your mind....

Saturday, March 7, 2015

5 Home Remedies for weight loss

We all know about definition of obesity and  also measure BMI index to calculate the obesity, and we also discuss daily calories intakes require to maintain body weight. Today I am giving you some tips on weight loss from home remedies to lower your body weight without going outside of home for trimming your body. Here are the key home remedies for weight loss:

1. All readers are the benefits of "honey" for health. I suggest you to use pure honey (see Agemark sign while purchase) with warm water and drink  it on an empty stomach after your brush.

Home remedies for Weight loss. As we discussed earliest, green tea has many advantages over normal tea. It's anti-oxidant properties can benefits to burn extra fat. You need to drink green tea three times a day for weight loss fast.

3. Hot water also dilute your body's fat cell. Drink hot water after half and hour of  the meal. Don't drink hot water immediately after a meal.

4. Use mint leave to improve the digestion.

5. In Indian home people use to eat fennel seeds after lunch or dinner. It's a tradition but it also helps you in digestion and reduces the gas. If you drink fennel seeds boiled in the morning and drink pain water in the morning.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Two Weeks Plan for Losses 5-Pound Weight

Your are surprised to see the title of my article as you have heard off "fast weight-loss programs" from various diet constants. With key, USP for selling such as plan is loss weight fast without starvation and supplements.

Is it really possible to  be moved into your weight-loss plan under such conditions???

Are you really crazy about to go for?


                                                            Image source:https://pixabay.com

I wanted to take a tour and request my reader to share their experiences with me on a fast weight-loss plan.

First is to eat drink water contains an energy mix. There are many low calories drinks are available in the market to retain water in the body and help you to lose extra fat. It also contains lemon so it removes toxins from your body.

They also advised not to eat grain products and rice as well as sugar.

Do cardiac exercise regularly to cut your calories  in the range of 200-300? It is advisable to drink coffee or tea an hour before you go for exercise.

Two weeks plan for loss 5 pound weight