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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sugar is one cause of Obesity

Yes, sugar is the third factor that lead to obesity. People take sugar in coffee, tea and sweet as well as cock. It is danger because it produces excess fatty acid in the body and that convert into fat and change out body structure.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am Obese. Can I attend any education program ?

Yes, you can get the proper medical education of living with the obese. It is most effective education. You can search online obese education from various websites of Obese Association or Society worldover.

Sleep Disorder and Obesity

Most of the obese people are facing the sleep disorder probelms due to many reasons. Day time sleep need to b avoid to get good sleep in the night.
People suffering from obstructive sleep apnea are facing the problems like heat failure, strock and many other problems.

Can I get the Obesity Information in USA

You can search the good results on http://www.obesity.org/ Obese society in USA to gives support to the obese people in USA.

Does Obesity Relate to Diabetes?

Diabetes are the global disease now and need not limit to any age. Most of the obese people are suffering from the diabetes II.
There are many studies prove this fact that overwight (higher BMI) people have greater chances of diabetes.

Drink Green Tea To Reduce Body Wieight

Many studies shown usage of green tea can burns about fouty percent of calories. It is one of the most effective option to use the green tea leave to make tea. You can reduce the weight very promptly. It is advisable to get advise from your physician on your present medical condition. You can read the details online about the green tea usage.

Tips for Reduce Body Fat

It is known fact that every one like to be thin and flexible. The home remedies for reduce the body fat is :

1. Drink glass of warm water adding the honey (one teaspoonful) and lemon (one) in the monrning after the brush. it will relatively gives best results to reduce your body weight. You need to use depends upon your medical condition.
2. Reduce consumption of Sugar and oily food if possible.
3. Eat raw fruits and vegetables

Reasons For Body Weight

Every one is talking about the body weight. Some said it is duel to food habits maily fast food (or oily foods) and some say the life style. Both reasons are true but one more reason is genetical structure of the body. Some genetic structure produce chemicals that are most common to increase the fat in the body.
Do you find any more reasons??? tell me

Childhood obesity cause and effect essay

Genetic Reasons of Childhood obesity

Every one talking about the reason for the Fat body and much talking about the reasons behind it. Fast Food and life style are the major causes of body fat.
Childhood obesity medical reasons
Childhood obesity cause and effect leads obesity.  Dopamine, a chemical in the brain is  responsible for  Childhood Obesity. Dopamine levels can increase temporarily due to meals. Earlier signs of brain scans have been found that thin people have low dopamine level than obese people.
Genetic Reasons for Obesity

Child obesity causes and effects
Excessive diet increases blood glucose in order to increase insulin secretion, which leads to excessive appetite, causing this to interfere with metabolic activity and simultaneously promote liposesthesis activation. The leading role in the formation of positive energy balance is the genetic predefined characteristics of a child's metabolism.
While hypothyroid obesity develops in children. Disease is not hereditary hypothesis. Removal of the causes leads to generalization of body weight. Hypothalamic (dysphyphic) obesity is usually diagnosed at 5-6 years of age.
There are many study carried out suggest than nearly fifteen percent people are fat due to genetic reasons. You can refer various studies online where genetic structure is important for the body fat.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fast Food & Obesity

Most of the Americans are facing the Obesity or overweight problems. It is really thoughtful and every American should make conscious effort to avoid much fast food and select the food with gives best health. I would like to share problems due to obesity and how to reduce obesity in the next post.

Junk Food

Junk food contains high fat, salt, and calcium. Fat in junk food starts a specific process in the brain, which makes us want to eat more. This effect lasts for several days.

Junk Food alone does not strike our health. It  first strike on  digestive tract, the second strike operates on the mental health It also effect on our biological cycle in the long run.

Burgers have 1800 calories, which is mainly part of fats and sugar. To burn such calories, children have to cycling for about 6 hours at approximately 20 miles per hour.

Junk food batch is directly related to serious diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, obesity, cancer.