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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weight loss Diet Plan for Gujarati People

Gujarati people always prefer to eat fried food and as a result, they add unwanted fat in the body.  I will try to convey all my Gujarati guys, how to reduce fat with gujarati diet food for weight loss by following Navi Bhojan Pranali. AND not to forget exercise as Gujarati's are not awake more...

After getting advice from the dietitian, follow the two-week  gujarati diet plan weight loss. It is the most suitable plan to reduce your weight within a two-week time. You are advised not to feel much stress, just follow the Weight loss Diet Plan for Gujarati People strictly. It is advisable to take suggestions because the diet plan always prefers on the general health condition of the person. It varies from person to person.

Morning tea/coffee: 7. I am
Drink green tea instead of tea with milk.
Walk 1-2 km or do in-house exercise.
Breakfast at 9.30 am
Start with a small size plate. Prefer Salad of your choice and one cup cereal bowl with glass milk.   In case, you feel more hungry get an extra salad. Eat your breakfast with protein and fiber both can satisfy you.
Launch at 1.30 pm
Eat two roti without ghee and one cup of deal and rice.
Small Breakfast at 4.00 pm

Eat one or two marry gold biscuits with tea with some protein diet like channa.
Dinner at 8.00 pm
Prefer to skip dinner otherwise eat one banana or take some light food like Bajra khichdi as suggested gujarati diet plan weight losby the Tarla Dalal Gujarati recipes website.
Go for a walk

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Lose weight now tips for You

To lose weight in pound on weekly bases it needs to burn a lots of  calories. The average calories burn in seven days time is in the range of 3000 calories it means you need to break down 500 calories per day. Lose weight now pragram run by many dietician provides proper diet plan with excercise schedule. An effective approach is to cut 250 calories with  diet plan  and remaining  250 calories through exercise as suggested by you. There are many program under Weight loss now have good results for weightloss without lossing stemina. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

An Ideal indian diet for weight loss with Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR)

Diet plan for weight loss for Indian vary becuase every states have its own food consuming pattern and it also depends on individual metabolism. Every person has its own calorie needs. It depends on person age, sex, health conditions, work and metabolism or BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR). It is important for every person to consult your dietician and than floow the weiht loss guidelines as suggested by him/her. Do not follow general guidelines of weightloss.

First you need to calculate  BMR ( Basal Metabolic Rate) rate NOT BMI. With this calculation, you are able to know the  calories  requires by you. The metabolic rate can gives actual calory require by each person based on weight, height and age. According to your indian diet, take food as per your calorie requirements.

An ideal indian diet for weight loss

Saturday, August 10, 2013

L'obésité & un mauvais sommeil

Université de Californie chercheur, étudié un fermé lien entre cerveau et apport alimentaire mène à l'obésité. Ils ont constaté que inasequate sommeil vous fait mourir pour manger la nourriture lourde. Selon Matthew Walker, une UC Berkeley professeur de psychologie et neurosciences et auteur principal de l'étude publiée 6 août dans le journal Nature Communications.Par ailleurs, ajouté, "aliments riches en calories aussi est devenue beaucoup plus souhaitable lorsque les participants sont privés de sommeil".

Avantages du lin broyés

Lin broyés aspirer l'eau 10 fois de ses weightdue de bonne teneur en fibres. Il est bon pour les personnes confrontées à la constipation. Il donne également réduit la faim afin qu'elle indirectement conduit à la perte de poids et contribue également à supprimer les autres matières grasses et en cholestérol. Vous pouvez manger lin broyés au jour le jour, avec de la salade, Ceresls, soupe. Une cuillère à café graines de lin huile est bonne pour un jour de plus de 18 ans. Lin broyés sont bénéfiques pour diverses maladies comme colon, cancers du sein, de la prostate et les maladies du coeur.

मोटापा दुर करने उपाय

 मोटापा दुर करने उपाय 

मोटापा दुर करने के लिए नियमित व्यायाम जरुरी है . सुबह उठ्कर खालि पेट  गरम पानी के साथ शहद (शुध्ह ) मिलाकर पीना चाहिए और प्राणायाम एवं योग के आसन करने चाहिए.  अपने वजन के अनुसार जरुरी कम केलरी वाली चीजे खानी चाहिए एवं कच्चे फलो और शब्जी का सेवन करना चाहिए. जरूरियात के मुताबित डायट प्लान कोई अनुभवी डायटीसीयन की सलाह लेनी चाहिए.

Alsi(અળસી)ના ફાયદા

અળસીના ફાયદા -- અળસી શરીરને ઊર્જા અને સ્ફૂર્તિ પૂરી પાડે છે.
- કેન્સરરોધી હોર્મોન્સની સક્રિયતા વધારે છે.
- લોહીમાં શર્કરા તથા કોલેસ્ટ્રોલની માત્રા ઓછી કરે છે.
- સાંધાના દર્દમાં રાહત આપે છે.
- પેટ સાફ રાખવાનો ઘરેલુ અને સરળ નુસખો છે.
- હૃદય સંબંધી રોગોના જોખમને ઓછું કરે છે.
- હાઈ બ્લડપ્રેશરને કન્ટ્રોલ કરે છે.
- ત્વચાને સ્વસ્થ રાખે છે અને ડ્રાયનેસ દૂર કરી એગ્ઝિમાથી બચાવે છે.
- તે શરીરમાં સારા કોલેસ્ટ્રોલનું પ્રમાણ વધારે છે અને ખરાબ કોલેસ્ટ્રોલને ઓછું કરે છે.
- તેનું નિયમિત સેવન રજોનિવૃત્તિ સંબંધી પરેશાનીઓ સામે રાહત પૂરી પાડે છે. માસિક ધર્મ દરમિયાન તાણ ઓછો કરી ગર્ભાશય સ્વસ્થ રાખે છે.
- યકૃત સ્વસ્થ રાખે છે. Source: http://gujarati.webdunia.com/miscellaneous/health/homeremedies/1202/24/1120224013_1.htm)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Weight loss with dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a good substitute for Weight loss. It  helps to reduce insulin resistance. According to  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition  studies  consumption of dark chocolate  reduce serum insulin, which  decreases the insulin level.

They also found that dark chocolates  also reduce the blood pressure. It also reduces the stress level, people suffering from anxiety can consume dark chocolate to reduce the stress level and release of cortisol, which prevent us from overeating.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Flaxseeds (Alsi in Gujarati) benifits

Flax seeds suck up water 10 times of its weight due to good fiber content. It is good for people facing constipation. it also gives cuts down hunger so that it indirectly leads to weight loss and also helps in removing unwanted fats and cholesterol.

You can eat flax seeds in day to day manner with Salad, Cereals, Soup. One teaspoon flax seed oil is good for a day over 18 years.

Flax seeds are  beneficial for  variety  diseases like colon, breast cancers, prostate and heart diseases.

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Obesity leads to Poor sleep - A closed link

University of California researcher, studied a closed link between brain  and food intake leads to obesity. They found that inasequate sleep makes you starve for eating heavy food. As per Matthew Walker, a UC Berkeley professor of psychology and neuroscience and senior author of the study published August 6 in the journal Nature Communications.Moreover, added, "High-calorie foods also became significantly more desirable when participants are sleep-deprived". This combination of altered brain activity and decision-making may help explain why people who sleep less also tend to be overweight or obese.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sugary drinks closely associated with obesity

Drink sugar drinks  or juices daily are lead to obese similary sugar based beverages can also leads to obesity to a new study.

Dr. Mark DeBoer, who led the study at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville found that  sugary drinks and extra weight has been well documented among teens and adults, researchers said that up until now, the evidence was less clear for young children. "Even though sugar-sweetened beverages are relatively a small percentage of the calories that children take in, that additional amount of calories did contribute to more obesity over time"

News source  http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/08/05/sugary-drinks-tied-to-obesity-among-preschoolers/#ixzz2bHAJD3Hy

Thursday, August 1, 2013

5 Weightloss food in Indian Kitchen

1. Tomatoes - Boosts  energy, control blood sugar, appetite control, detoxification and reduces cholesterol. 
2. Banana -Healthy carbs diet for  energy with fibre
3. Olive Oil - antioxidant & release free radicals
4. Cabbage - fiber rich low calorie diet
5. Coffee -resting metabolic rate can indirecting