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Saturday, May 20, 2017

1200 calories Diet for Gujarati

How to select 1200 calories diet Gujarati Diet for Weight loss? See gujarati weight loss diet chart..

Every Gujarati should know how much calories they take during the day time.

Gujarati Food Items (One Serving) Calories
1 cup tea ચા 80
1 piece Khakhra (ખાખરા) 66
1 dish Fafda (ફાફડા) 87
1 dish Mamra (Rice Flakes) (મમરા) 60
1 serving of khaman dhokla (ઢોકળા) 116
90g serving of homemade gathiya
Dal Dhokli (ઢોકળી) 300
Jalebi (25g) (જલેબી) 88.8
Gujarati chapati (રોટલી ) 111
Gujarati Bhakri ( ભાખરી) 176
1 cup Vegetables (શાક) 65
1 cup Dal (દાળ) 204
One tablespoon (15g) of ghee (ઘી ) 135
1 tablespoon oil (તેલ) 120
1 cup of cooked Khichdi (ખિચડી) 175
Total ( કુલ) 2136

On must follow the Gujarati Diet for Weight loss chart and accordigly select the gujarati vegetarian diet plan for weight loss.

ગુજરાતી ડાયેટ માં તેલ ધી ઓછું થાય તો ગુજરાતીઓનું વજન ઓછું થાય આ માટે શાકભાજી વધુ ખાવા અને તરેલી વસ્તુઓ ઓછી કરવી 

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