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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Best Free Weight Loss Apps for tracking your Weight by 2016

Weight loss management by tracking your diet and calorie loss through exercise is very easy nowadays.  Weight monitoring Apps over your iphone or android phone are one of the ideal media to keep you healthy and fit. It has changed the total perspectives of weight  management. There are various Weight loss management Apps available in the marketplace.
Shape magazine has identified best Free Apps which can help people who are really serious to lose weight. Here are the most identified Free weight loss Apps by Shape magazine.

Noom Weight Loss
Installed in: Android Phone

Nome provides facilities for monitoring weight. Noom Weight Loss helps the user to set their goal and also track the weight loss database so that you know where you are standing. It also keeps track of day-to-day food intake and calorie burn through exercise.

Endomondo Sports Tracker
Installed in: Android, iPhone, BlackBerry

Endomondo Sports Tracker software normally useful for joggers, bikes and runners. Endomondo Sports Tracker tracks through GPS. It also gives you Google map and lap time, which notify you when you complete a mile walk. You can get additional features if you upgrade the software.

Eat This, Not That! the Game
Installed in: : iPhone
Have you ever thought of the game which can guide you to lose weight? Eat This, Not That! The Game gives two food options to the Game's player and ask for choice which food contain less fat and more negotiations. With this game, the player knows which food is good to eat. New food ideas help usher in food intake.

Calorie Counter MyNetDiary
Installed in: Android, iPhone

Calorie Counter MyNetDiary provides a database on diet intact, exercise and habits. Losing weight based on your behaviour, exercise, and diet. Calorie Counter MyNetDiary helps you to keep track of daily calories and nutrition count based on food. It also keeps track on exercise to control your weight. It represents data in a graphical format which creates more interest to users. Added features of this software are bar code scanner for packing food and nearly 420,000 food database.

Available for: Android

This App keeps your feet through monitoring daily exercise. The JEFIT main goal is for a code. It provides a number of exercises select though their anatomical map so that you can create a power-packed workout.

There are many others Apps like Day turn, Nike training Club, Daily burns, GymGoal, Fooducate Nutrition Scanner is free Apps for weight management and keeps you healthy.

Information Source: http://www.shape.com/weight-loss/tips-plans/best-free-apps-help-you-lose-weight

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